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This especial tour is for travelers who are interesting in participating in communal activities together with our Quechua people of Maras villages sharing the local customs and taking the opportunity to work with farmers in the same land of the Inca Cultures

The experiential tourism in Cusco Peru is something new and very different so this kind of tourism are growing in the international community today, because you will have the opportunity to see by yourself the original life of the Quechua people who are direct descendants of the Inca people, with this experiential tourism and activities the benefits generate will be a big support for the Quechua people and you can contribute directly to its development and especially the warmth that should exist in the relations of tourists with the people and the geographical environment so with this experiential tourism in Cusco Peru will be a new way to offer visitors a warm environment conducive to living the reality of the area to visit, especially the Andes, causing it to feel at home and not inhabit the coldness of a hotel.

MARAS ADVENTURE offers this very unique tour in the village of Kacllaraccay and Misminay one of the 7 rural villages that make up the Maras Province (it also happens to be the village we are from). In it you will see the lifestyle and ancient customs that still maintain the residents of the communities of our people. You will appreciate farming techniques using old instruments such as the "chaquitaclla" that plow the land with animals. We will finish this adventure knowing one of the Inca ceremony at the Huñin Marka Mountain, instead of offerings and rituals to the Pachamama or Mother Earth so experiential tourism in Cusco Peru has the spirit of making something more human tourism, in a process of encounter and dialogue between people of two cultures, with the provision to that solidarity can only be given to truly meet with nature and the person.


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This tour provides you with the opportunity to experience the customs and life in the village of Kacllaraccay while also visiting the archaeological site of Moray, the town of Maras and the ancient salt ponds.

Day 1   – Cusco to Kacllaraccay

You will be picked up from your Cusco hotel and taken by private bus to Kacllaraccay. There you will have the opportunity to visit the homes of more than fifteen families who live in the village. Lunch will be in the open country of Kacllaraccay. You will overnight in one of the homes in the village.

 Day 2 - Activities in the village of Kacllaraccay

The day will be an unforgettable experience as you participate in the daily activities, customs and traditions. After a typical breakfast, you will go with one of the families to learn how they farm and take care of their animals. Lunch will be in a typical house in the village and in the evening you will have dinner with a folkloric show outdoors.

Day 3 – Tour of Maras – Moray – Salt

After an early breakfast we will walk 45 mins. To visit the archaeological site of Moray, where circular agricultural terraces were designed by the Incas. These agriculture circles held plants and seeds which were used by the Incas for experimentation. Nearby we will travel to the town of Maras where you will see examples of colonial architecture and a beautiful view of the mountains and glaciers of Chicon. Beyond Maras we will visit the ancient Inca salt pools known as "Salineras de Maras" or salt of Maras. Since pre-Inca times, salt has been obtained in Maras by evaporating salty water from the subterranean spring. This highly salty water emerges at the spring and the flow is directed into an intricate system of tiny channels constructed so the water runs gradually down into the several hundred ancient terraced "ponds". The pond's keeper then closes the water-feeder notch to his pond and allows it to go dry. Within a few days the keeper carefully scrapes the dry salt from the sides and bottom, puts it into a suitable vessel, reopens the water-supply notch, and carries away the salt. Salt is available for purchase at the many shops near the ponds.

We will have a box lunch near the ponds and return to Cusco after our visit.